above the earth

Under a lavender sky on deserted planes, Belgora is unlike most of Titan's Valley habited areas as it's on the surface of the cracked moon, rather than down it's crevices! Among the first established Icy City routes within this solar system, the giant community is warm and welcoming to outsiders. They are most known for their colorful insectoid cuisine, as well as the Eye Festival.

To check the locals' calendar for the next festival, look for the tenth day of the months of Galoril and Skald on the Titanic calendar!

titan's valley

The remaining moon of Titan.

A rare sight, a planetoid left mostly intact by the Collapse! If you were to ignore the diminished atmosphere responsible for vast incalculable ecological disaster, as well as the scars reaching deep down into the planet's core responsible for the common seismic activities, golly it's almost like it never happened!

It's said Titan used to have three moons, two of which are gone, while Titan's Valley stands firm in place, a testament to the gas giant's power.

an unforgiving sun

To travel during the day is inadvisable while on the thin aired moon. Most medium sized lifeforms cannot go multiple weeks without feeling the effects, while the local giants' clothing and lifestyle are shaped in favor of avoiding Lucilia's unrelenting rays, in direct contrast to the cold weather somewhere farther from her warmth.

One of such changes were the Storm Shelters, underground structures built along well-travelled routes to ease some of that burden.

"Rest your feet and thank the Storm Titan
for lady sun cannot reach you here"

points of interest

  • Storm Temple;
  • Agrat's Statue;
  • Bright Spark Archives;
  • Terra's farm (close by);
  • Agrat's Tower (close by) (previously encased in a storm thomb);

figures of interest

  • Bula;
    • A friendly middle-aged fisherwoman, has a spare room and a very talented cook of a grandmother;
  • Jinalan (former resident);
    • An enthusiastic teenager artificer who had been observing Agrat's tower for a while;
  • Mica
    • A sahuagin grad student from Icy City, poorly stationed at the archives of a very dry moon, works for the Voyager radio system;
  • Mordrid;
    • The Storm Priest, contacts Titan through vague dreams, oversees the festival preparations;
  • Terra;
    • A recluse giant-centipede farmer and radio operator in the outskirts of town, helped set up the teleportation circle;