A curious, overenthusiastic, aspiring radio technician and hobbyist wizard. Jinalan is a teenager from the giant city of Belgora. She has a passion for radio tech and a special interest in Agrat's tower and the denizens that lived inside it.

She has kept an eye on tower for a few years. Jinalan has a talent for engineering and will sometimes send in her familiars in special contraptions that protect them from the storm dome. She has kept extensive, if messy, notes of her observations throughout multiple journals. Through those years she has mostly set up camp in the storm temple shelter nearest the tower.

When she isn't there she's at the Bright Spark Archives, reading and hanging out with Mica.

She has a turbulent relationship with her mother, Terra.


Jinalan is a young giant with short purple hair and a braided rattail on the back. Warm brown eyes and a big smile showing her tooth gap. Like all giants from Belgora, her cheeks, nose and shoulders are covered in burn marks from the radiation due to the thin atmosphere.

She is rarely seen without her bright orange goggles and some amount of grime on her clothes.