Terra is a big solitary giant living in the outskirts of Belgora. She takes care of many animals, most of which are giant insect species. She's in charge of overlooking the belgoran teleportation circle, upkeeping and manning the radio infrastructure and welcoming visitors when she feels like it.

She is specially fond of her giant centipedes and belgoran seafood dishes.

She has two children, Jinalan (Belgora) and Makelel (Icy City).


Her skin is constantly covered due to Titan's Valley lacking atmosphere. Layers upon layers give her the appearance of a moving mount on the horizon. When her hood is down it shows her shaved head as well as a scalp covered in burn marks. She only takes off her mask at home.

She is often seen with a sachel around her torso holding dozens of giant centipede hatchlings.

imagine these are giant insects pls