Icy City's resident monarch, widely regarded as the most powerful wizard in the system. A recluse who's been in power for over three centuries, through which she developed extensive astrophysical, astronomical and cosmological research within Icy City. They raised to power after their mother's death, the beloved Queen Lamento. The awakened ancient drow of the old city regard them with resentment and contempt, while the post-expanse immigrants' opinions vary greatly. At this point in time, she has been out of the public eye for many decades.

She used to travel often, having many adventuring parties who accompanied her in the past. They were known to bring people into Icy City and establish teleportation routes. However, it's been decades since the princess' parties were a staple in Icy City's outreach efforts.


The princess stands taller than most drow, but not to her full height due to bad posture. Her hair is long, curly and bright red, most of the time down or being held back by goggles. Behind big round glasses, their eyes always look like they didn't get enough sleep the night before. Her wardrobe mainly consists of turtlenecks and cardigans, as well as dark greens and blues.

They aren't the most expressive and it's rare to catch them smiling. They can be found in the vast cold halls of the Crystal Palace, surrounded by giant chalkboards and mountains of books.