Bridget has been travelling with Hao for a long time. Before she took control of the hummingbird, she lived in a non-habited natural satellite within his solar system that she wasn't previously able to leave.

With Bridget's power, the hummingbird is able to expand and compress the space within and around itself, making it seem bigger in the inside or small like a keychain. The reach of this power beyond her vessel is inconsistent and often unreliable.

She likes travelling, has had limited contact with others of her kind and is overall friendly torwards strangers.


She habits the vessel of a size-varying origami-looking hummingird-shaped chrome vehicle, often the size of a van, with iridescent solar panels.

Her insides are covered in engraved writings of multiple languages. They show turns of phrases and fun idioms that have been collected through the years. She seems to have a fair bit of control over the architecture inside of the vehicle.

Her voice is soothing, often slow or stilted. As she speaks, the lights in the vessel and control panels dim to the rythm of her voice.