Buildings (and people) from another time, sprawling scholarly districts, glistening mirror-like, frozen rivers reflecting endless starry sky, ghost towns, empty buildings repurposed for people of all kinds and places, museums filled with sculptures and paintings from a world unfractured, spellcasting computers, empty space, a tower in the horizon you can never reach.

Icy City, also known as the jewel in the sky, was once called Lamento. It was a brilliant kingdom home to dozens of thousands of drow, that once ruled a huge part of its planet. After the Collapse, it was briefly ruled by the Queen, whose death resulted in political instalibity due to the surviving lords, who greatly missed her oversight. The throne was nonetheless passed on to the current Princess, who's had the crown for nearly three centuries. She quickly established the Joint Departments of Rule, following a great famine and coup attempt, that focuses on the proper distribution of resources for the disparate areas and needs of the patchwork city's peoples. Early Icy City history also consisted of diplomatic reach to restablish Icy City's identity and travel routes to nearby settlements and stars, getting introduced into a landscape of unfamiliar commercial and societal practices, and a process of incentivizing immigration to make up for the need of working hands that could aid in the rebuilding process, that marked the start in bringing Icy City to its former glory.

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the collapse

The lowest estimate is around ten thousand years ago. A mass extinction event of astronomical proportions caused planets all around the observable galaxy to crush under their own weight. The accounts of the events that followed are diverse. The ancestors of this galaxy's inhabitants had their survival mainly hinge on powerful arcane, divine, technological and elemental interventions.

As it happened, Queen Lamento froze over the grounds surrounding the castle and it's inhabitants in an inhuman feat of arcane expertise. Their remains were rediscovered by the duergar in the asteroids of this sector. As it melted, they woke up to find themselves under different stars. The drow of Icy City remember their planet, blue skies and seas reaching the horizon.

Due to their unique circumstances, at this point in time the ancient residents of Icy City feel the Collapse's echoes more than most.